Scientific Program

Mugurel Rusu
Oto Anatomy Imaging

Irina Draga Căruntu
Artificial Intelligence in pathology
14:00 16:00 Irina-Draga Caruntu (Romania) et al.
Artificial intelligence in pathology

Ovidiu Cotoi
Melanoma, from supposition to diagnosis

Mugurel Rusu
Rhinoanatomy Imaging

Sabina Zurac

Mugurel Rusu

Alis Dema
Alex Stepan
Andrada Loghin (Romania) et al.
Update in the renal tumours classification
Irina-Draga Caruntu (Romania) et al.
Updates in glomerular diseases
Maria-Cătălina Popelea (Romania) et al.
From uncertainty to precision enhancing diagnostic accuracy in an atypical ccRCC case
Simona-Eliza Giusca (Romania) et al.
Activity and chronicity status in lupus nephritis
Manuela-Emilia Jifcu (Romania) et al.
Submandibular Metastases of Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Synchronous with Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
Alex Emilian Stepan (Romania) et al.
Prostate adenocarcinomas from the perspective of angiogenic and hormonal dependence
Rine Limani (Kosovo) et al.
Periacinar Retraction Clefting Within Prostatic Adenocarcinoma A Quest for Origin
Andrada-Claudia Tătar (Romania) et al.
Urothelial carcinoma with its diversity of morphological appearances a case report

Daniel Pirici
Adrian Bălșeanu
Ertugrul Kilic (Turkey)
Social Isolation Protecs PostIschemic Brain Injury by Promoting ProInflammatory Responses
Thorsten Roland Doeppner (Germany)
Concepts in translational stroke researchfrom neuroprotection towards neuroregeneration
Dirk M Hermann (Germany)
Thrombroinflammation A New Theraputic Target
Pawel Wrona (Poland)
Clinical Insights from the IBIOSTROKE ProjectClinical Outcomes of Patients Participating in the IBIOSTROKE Project
Israel Cadenas (Spain)
Stroke genetics to inform drug targets
Aurel Popa-Wagner (Romania)
Genetic conversion of astroglial cells after stroke A new therapeutic strategy
Ilona Mihaela Liliac (Romania) et al.
Morphological relationship between tumor cells and blood vessel elements in glioblastoma

14:00-14:15 Bogdan Pop, Bogdan Fetica, Laura Cristina Hadnagy
Guidelines for Pathology Handling, Processing and Reporting of Breast Surgical Excision and Biopsy specimens - national recommendations
Bogdan Pop (Romania) et al.
Guidelines for Pathology Handling Processing and Reporting of Breast Surgical Excision and Biopsy specimens national recommendations

Irina Draga Căruntu
Gabriel Becheanu
Ludmila Lozneanu (Romania) et al.
Atrophic gastritis from pathogenesis to therapeutic management update
Andreea Rusu (Romania) et al.
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma from histopathological to molecular classification
Cornelia Amalinei (Romania) et al.
The significance of tumorassociated adipocytes in colorectal carcinoma update
Sara-Alexandra Vese (Romania) et al.
A Case of Combined Esophageal Small CellSquamous Cell Carcinoma Composite or Collision
Elena-Roxana Avădanei (Romania) et al.
The contribution of genetic testing to the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer

Andrada Loghin
Alex Stepan
Alis Dema (Romania)
Genitourinary cancers updates
Raluca Anca Balan (Romania) et al.
Updates in the Classification of Endometrial Carcinoma
Elena-Iuliana-Anamaria Berbecaru (Romania) et al.
Clinical and morphopathological aspects of intestinal endometriosis
Ioana-Alexandra Popescu (Romania) et al.
Carcinosarcoma of the Uterine Corpus Malignant Mllerian Mixed Tumor a Case Report and Brief Review of the Literature
Iuliana-Alina Enache (Romania) et al.
Cesarean scar pregnancy still a therapeutic dilemma Morphopathological aspects
Andrei Daniel Timofte (Romania)
Difficulties in CervicoVaginal Cytopathologic Diagnosis

Mircea Șerbănescu

Norman Zerbe
Norman Zerbe (Germany)
Digital Pathology and AI Status Quo and Challenges For the Future

Paul Seegers
Mircea Șerbănescu

Paul Seegers
Paul Seegers (The Netherlands)
An Introduction to Standardized Structured Reporting and Future Perspectives
Cristiana Gabriela Popp (Romania) et al.
Translational medicine in ulcerative colitis can artificial intelligence lead the way
Cornelia Amalinei (Romania) et al.
Histology in virtual microscopy era education and application
Raluca Anca Balan (Romania) et al.
Contribution of Digital Pathology to Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis
Mircea-Sebastian Șerbănescu (Romania)
Are We Going to Be Replaced by Computers A Probabilistic Approach

Vincenzo Della Mea
Mircea Șerbănescu

Vincenzo Della Mea
Vincenzo Della Mea (Italy)
Diagnostic applications of AI in pathology
Sabina Andrada Zurac (Romania) et al.
Identifying emboli in urothelial carcinoma who wins the battle between man and machine
Liana Cătălina Sticlaru (Romania) et al.
Redefining Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Detection in Human Tissue A Novel Convolutional Network Algorithm
Mirela Cioplea (Romania) et al.
Artificial intelligence on histological grading of urothelial carcinoma
Luciana Nichita (Romania) et al.
Semantic segmentation in urothelial carcinoma challenges and solutions

Doinița Crișan
Cornelia Amălinei
Andreea Rusu (Romania) et al.
ALCAM Endophilin A3 coexpression in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Aura Jurescu (Romania) et al.
Correlations between classical and modern prognostic factors in colorectal carcinomas
Robert Alexandru Barna (Romania) et al.
The many faces of a nodular hepatic lesion
Andrada Raicea (Romania) et al.
Histological dilemmas and diagnostic challenges of hepatic small vessel neoplasm in a limited biopsy specimen a case report
Alex - Caleb Pop (Romania) et al.
Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Gallbladder a Rare Incidental Finding
Andreea Mocanu (Romania ) et al.
Assessing Lymph Node Micrometastasis in Mucinous Adenocarcinoma With SignetRing Cell Component a Case Report

Andrei Motoc
Claudiu Mărgăritescu
Laura Chinezu (Romania)
Histopathological diagnosis of pituitary neuroendocrine tumors PitNET an update
Tibor Mezei (Romania) et al.
Quality control measures in thyroid cytopathology applicable in everyday practice our 11year experience
Adeline-Roxana Bucur (Romania) et al.
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis a Rare and Debilitating Disease
Dorela-Codruta Lazureanu (Romania) et al.
Pitfalls in the use of immunohistochemistry as molecular surrogate in glial tumors
Cazacu Eugeniu (Republic of Moldova) et al.
Investigation of the ECadherinNcadherinVimentinTwist profile in extragenital endometriosis
Raluca-Maria Closca (Romania) et al.
The Immunohistochemical Profile of Renal and Liver Metastases to the Head and Neck Region
Cristina-Jana Busuioc (Romania) et al.
The influence of SARSCoV2 on the immune system elements and on the placental structure Clinical histological and immunohistochemical study

Mariana Costache
Sabina Zurac
Mihaela-Mirela Mureșan (Romania) et al.
ECadherin Expression in Skin Melanocytic Lesions
Rine Limani (Kosovo) et al.
Small Cell Melanoma A Case Report and Literature Review of a Rare Melanoma Variant
Bianca Nataras (Romania) et al.
Cystic lymph node metastasis an unusual presentation of melanoma
Andreea-Raluca Cozac-Szoke (Romania) et al.
Primary cutaneous melanoma with rhabdoid features case report
Bianca Andreea Lazar (Romania) et al.
Merkel cell carcinomaa series of four cases

Flavia Baderca
Raluca Ciurea
Andea Aleodor (Doru) (USA)
Insights into the Evolving Classification of Melanocytic Tumors
Florentina-Camelia Cioenaru (Romania) et al.
Tiny Troublemakers a Comprehensive Approach to Scabies
Florentina-Camelia Cioenaru (Romania) et al.
Cracking the Code of Slack Skin Disease the Pathologists Point of View
Andreea-Adriana Neamțu (Romania) et al.
Angiokeratoma of Fordyce
Laurențiu Mureșan (Romania) et al.
A Rare Case of Lymphomatoid Papulosis in a Young Adult

Irina Draga Căruntu
Ovidiu Cotoi
Teodora Ana Balan (Romania) et al.
Diagnosis Difficulties in a Case of Ovarian Sertoli Cell Tumour a Practical Immunohistochemical Approach
Constantin Aleodor Costin (Romania) et al.
Beyond the surface investigating extracutaneous malignant melanoma
Alon Vigdorovits (Romania) et al.
Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Subtypes Defined by ASCL1 NEUROD1 and POU2F3 An Immunohistochemical Study
Oana Iulia Crețu (Romania) et al.
Immunoexpression of Ecadherin CD44 and betacatenin in gastric adenocarcinomas
Ionuț-Andrei Muraru (Romania) et al.
Leiomyosarcoma of the skin A short review of the literature and case report of a 66 year old patient

Irina Căruntu
Ovidiu Cotoi
Laurențiu Mogoantă

Claudiu Mărgăritescu
Daniel Pirici
Adriana Grigoras (Romania) et al.
The immunohistochemical examination value in the hypothermia diagnosis algorithm
George-Bogdan Cioc (Romania) et al.
Cysts of the Head and Neck Region Benign and with Malignant Transformation
Alin-Marian Vasile (Romania) et al.
Mandibular Ameloblastoma in an Young Female PatientCase Report
Vasile Găborean (Romania) et al.
Secondary Cushing Syndrome Resolved After Pulmonary Nodule Resection
Șerban Comșa (Romania)
The Mesenchymal Stem Cells And The Biomimetic Microfluidic Tumor Microenvironment A Cornerstone In The Investigation Of Breast Cancer Vasculogenesis

Emil Pleșea
Mirela Florescu
Diana Maria Chiorean (România) et al.
Gestational Trophoblastic Spectrum A Comprehensive Case Series Analysis
Rebeca-Ioana Chiciudean (Romania) et al.
The unexpected clinical evolution of a poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma
Raluca-Diana Hagău (Romania) et al.
Divergent Paths Unified Origin Insights into Ovarian Carcinoma Metastatic Patterns a case report
Adrian-Horațiu Sabău (Romania) et al.
Carcinoid tumour Biopsy based diagnosis Case Report
Maria Mălina Agu (Romania) et al.
Uveal melanoma The most common primary intraocular malignant tumour in adults
Valeria-Nicoleta Nastase (Romania) et al.
Folliculostellate cells in nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas
Vasile Gaborean (Romania) et al.
Recurrent Pneumothorax in Patient with Pulmonary Disseminated Leiomyoma
Ioana Hurmuz (Romania) et al.
Double primary synchronous tumors in gynecologic pathology challenges and approaches
Amalia Raluca Ceausu (Romania) et al.
Lymphatic microvascular density and endothelial cell proliferation in malignant melanoma Multicentre study
Liliana Parascan (Romania) et al.
Challenges in Morphopathological Diagnosis of Primary Cardiac Malignant Tumors
Gabriela-Camelia Roșu (Romania) et al.
Stroke as the first manifestation of an atrial myxoma Case report

Claudiu Mărgăritescu
Liliana Cercelaru
Mihail-Relu Stănescu (Romania) et al.
Ultrasound vs microscopy examination in congenital cataract evaluation at the end of first trimester gestation Case study
Mihail-Relu Stănescu (Romania) et al.
Nonimmune hydrops fetalis a case report
Andreea Vochin (Romania) et al.
Parietal endometriosisclinical imaging and morphopatologic aspects
Catalina Iovoaica-Rămescu (Romania) et al.
Ovarian ectopic pregnancy clinical and morphopathological aspects
Catalina Iovoaica-Rămescu (Romania) et al.
Genital tuberculosis associated with primary infertility clinical sonographic and morphopathological aspects
Anca-Maria Istrate-Ofițeru (Romania) et al.
Placenta praevia associated with accreta update on clinical imaging and histopathological aspects
Ana-Maria Cocorăscu (Romania) et al.
Neural tube defect spina bifida Morphopathological aspects
Larisa Iovan (Romania) et al.
An Immunohistochemical Assessment of Immune Cells in Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions
Anne-Marie Badiu (Romania) et al.
Ecadherin Snail and Twist immunophenotype in colorectal carcinomas
Bogdan Oprea (Romania) et al.
Time course evolution of GFAPpositive gliosis after stroke in a rat model